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Youth Incorporated –°elebrates Its 4th Anniversary with Go Green

This July, Youth Incorporated celebrates its 4th anniversary by taking up a pledge to actively contribute towards saving the environment and making the planet a greener, cleaner place to live and sustain in.

The campaign, called #YIGoGreen, is now live and running, with the first contributions from the YI team, who have pledged to carry out various eco-friendly steps, such as to avoid littering, to use less fuel, to plant trees and to not eat meat, amongst others.</p><blockquote>Caroline Samson, COO of Youth Incorporated, says: "We all need to contribute and do a bit to save the environment. It’s the only way we can ensure the future generations don’t suffer because of our shortcomings."</blockquote><p>In this multi-platform social media campaign, challengers are urged to put up a video in which they talk about taking up a simple, yet effective, eco-friendly act that would contribute towards protecting the environment, and then nominate four other friends to take up similar pledges by tagging them in their post. Those who do not wish to pledge could donate to the YIGoGreen crowdfunding Ketto page at which would fund the magazine's 4th anniversary issue that's printed on eco-friendly recycled paper. It's never too late to flip the switch, literally, and save the environment for the future generations. If you&rsquo;ve dreamed of becoming the superheroes that you've always adored, then here&rsquo;s your chance to don your green capes and the lead the beacon of hope to protect Mother Earth.

Youth Incorporated



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